Accreditation: Step-by-Step Guide

The Armed Forces of Ukraine provide accreditation for foreign journalists who want to cover the war on the frontline 

To receive a digital press card, foreign reporters have to fill out the form (DOCX file).

You need to download the form above, complete it, and send the form to the email address With your request, you also need to attach:

Copy of your passport or a government-issued ID card;
Copy of your journalist / media ID;
A letter from the head / editor-in-chief of your outlet requesting accreditation (unless you are a freelancer);
A photo in good quality.

After the data is verified, you will receive a digital version of the press card, which you’ll need to show at the request of the military and law enforcement officers.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine remind you to be mindful of the risks to your life and health while covering the war. Ukraine’s military is not responsible for the life and health of journalists who report from the war zone.

If you need to verify the validity of the accreditation, call +380894201864. You can also reach out to for questions about accreditation.

Please note that the press card of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is valid for up to 6 months. Journalists might lose accreditation if they violate government-imposed rules of covering the war, such as by revealing confidential information.

There are three zones for media representatives in the war zone, as determined by military leadership:

Green zone
accredited reporters are allowed to work on their own;
Yellow zone
accredited reporters are allowed to work only if they are assisted by a public relations officer or another military official;
Red zone
reporting is prohibited.

You can find the full text of the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army on the work of journalists during martial law in English here (PDF file).

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